Bond Info


Full School Replacements

  • Only old/worn out schools replaced
  • Average age of FP schools 60 years
  • Only 15% of FP schools built after 1980
  • Space for small class sizes in every elementary school
  • Modern health & safety standards met
  • Replacement cheaper than renovation

Security & Safety Improvements

  • Main access points controlled
  • High-quality monitoring systems installed
  • Improved parking lot lighting
  • Enhanced emergency communications
  • Separate carpool and bus drop-off locations

Technology / STEM Labs

  • Tools to teach 21st Century skills for 21st Century jobs
  • Replace makeshift labs with full science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) labs
  • Outfit labs with high-quality technology and tools
  • Helps us meet new lab-science course-load rules

General Improvements

  • Replace buildings with structural & health concerns
  • Build new facilities to meet modern education standards
  • Safe, modern playground equipment
  • Exterior school renovation where most needed
  • Covered play areas for fresh air even on rainy days
  • Update aging sports facilities