Bond Details


Investing in New Facilities

There comes a point in the life of every building when replacement becomes cheaper than renovation, a time when upgrading to a safe, fully modern facility just makes sense. For five of our elementary schools — and Ford Middle School’s gym — that time is now.

After listening to architects, construction firms, our staff, and most importantly, the community, we’re proposing targeted replacements of our most worn out schools and buildings. And if the bond is approved this November, there will be no tax increase.


  • Small class sizes ensured for years to come
  • Built to modern health and safety standards
  • Larger schools with improved learning environments
  • Access control and surveillance systems to improve safety and security
  • New playgrounds and covered play areas for year-round exercise
  • Separate parent and bus drop-off areas for safety and easing congestion
Central Avenue Elementary

Investing in Safety & Security Upgrades

Students, teachers, and other staff members all want to feel safe at school. When provided with a safe educational environment, attendance rates increase and student achievement can soar. Students are able to focus on their education knowing they are safe at school.

What will this bond do?

  • It will modernize the security and safety tools of every Franklin Pierce school in the following ways:
  • Control main access points
  • Install high-quality surveillance systems
  • Improve parking lot lighting
  • Enhance emergency communications
  • Separate parent and bus drop-off locations for safety and easing congestion

Preparing Students for 21st Century Jobs

Our students are eager for hands-on learning in STEM subject areas: science, technology, engineering, and math. When taught together in a hands-on way, these subjects boost students’ readiness for college and tomorrow’s careers. But our current classrooms lack technology and tools that are becoming standard in this field. If passed, the bond would make full STEM labs standard at Washington and Franklin Pierce High Schools.


  • Outfit labs with high-quality technology and tools
  • Help district meet new lab-science graduation requirements
  • Include all modern health and safety standards
  • Allow us to expand hands-on learning and experiments

Why this investment?

  • For our kids’ future.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, STEM occupations are growing at 17%, while other occupations are growing at 9.8%.
  • STEM degree holders have a higher income, even in non-STEM careers.
  • For our shared future.
  • STEM workers are key to the long-term growth, stability, and strength of our economy.
  • STEM education creates critical thinkers, boosts science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovations that will sustain our economy.

Investing in Athletics & Health

Renovated district stadium

  • Grandstand repairs to keep stadium structurally sound for years to come
  • Quality competition and concession facilities on par with neighboring districts
  • Stadium serves entire district and is available for community use

Safe, modern playgrounds at every elementary school

  • New playgrounds in all five schools that will receive full school replacement
  • New playgrounds at Christensen and Elmhurst Elementary Schools

Fresh air & exercise

  • New covered play areas in all five schools that will receive full school replacement
  • New covered play areas at Elmhurst and Midland Elementary Schools and Gates High School

Investing in Performing Arts

If passed, this bond issue will provide Franklin Pierce High School with a 500-seat performing arts center to showcase the amazing talents of its students.


  • Latest in acoustics, sound equipment, stage lighting
  • Improved sightlines so that every seat has a clear view of stage
  • Available for other district schools and the community


Currently, there is no performing arts center at Franklin Pierce High School, a school of 1,200. Students perform in cafeterias and gymnasiums, not ideal for the students or the audience.